Executive-X© does not reveal his identity and proceeds with publishing Going to WARk©, a unique book!
It is addressed to all executives who have ambition and goals for the future. It reveals the way to success but also the pitfalls that they must avoid in order to reach their goal early, be “fresh and full of energy” and not late and disheartened and dispirited.

Going to WARk© transforms you into the most successful version of yourself.

The truths recorded in it are relentless, cruel. If you do not get to know them, you will either fail, or you will succeed with such a delay that it will no longer matter.

These truths concern all hierarchical environments. The book reveals the views, attitudes and practices of your colleagues, managers, leaders and shareholders. These truths are harsh and if the aforementioned people could, they would not want you to know them and would prohibit the publication of this book. You would be forbidden to know these truths so that they would retain for themselves power and control while you work solely for their own well-being and their own goals. They protect their interests, serve their goals and prefer you remain in a state of lethargy.

Going to WARk© reveals bitter truths and records the extent of their damage and the impact they can have on you in the short and long term. The book reveals the jealousy of the environment, the need to keep you down, the constant search by “others” for your weaknesses and the constant exploitation of the factors that will push you to failure by them.

I, Executive-X© used the knowledge I gained to succeed.
In Going to WARk© I share this knowledge with you so that you can succeed.
You don’t need to know who I am!

What you need is to know the truths of Going to WARk© and the method of ProNoble©

Executive-X© reveals the hard truth that you are not taught in school or university. Going to WARk© is a deposit of experience, deep knowledge that successfully places you in a hierarchical environment so that you can first survive and then quickly achieve success. You will discover ProNoble©, the persona of success and his method. It will get you to your goal.

Don’t waste your precious time! Gain flexibility, freedom, success through the ProNoble © method, grab the tip of the thread leading to success, early. Be the leader you desire to become.


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