The Executive-X© is a successful and highly experienced professional with a very deep love for work and success.
His purpose is to help you achieve your professional goals early and with more ease.

Executive-X© does not reveal his identity

His love for success “pushed” him to explore its philosophy in depth. He analyzed in depth the elements and qualifications that lead a professional to success, identified the relevant “standards” and “negative stereotypes”. He tried the practices he discovered himself and succeeded. With his method he helped numerous market executives to grow and prosper today.


  • For more than 25 years he has been a senior executive in large Greek and multinational companies.
  • He has significant successes to his credit and has managed well-known brands and products in challenging sectors and work environments.
  • He participated in numerous projects for the development of executives of all profiles.
  • He successfully managed teams consisting of either a small number of highly specialized executives, or 1,000+ people of all specialties, ages and profiles.
  • He is an Engineer with an MBA, speaks two languages.

His speeches to corporate and public audiences on the topic of Professional Development- Personal Positioning Within A Corporate Environment are exciting and highly motivating and bring immediate positive change and significant results with long-term improvement.


His career in more than three different business sectors highlighted the urgent need to develop skills independent of the employment sector. He focused on exploring how the “successful” manage themselves within a modern hierarchical environment. He recorded and thoroughly analyzed the behaviors and actions of the “successful”.
So he came to the invention of ProNoble© and ProNoblette©.
It is the persona that represents the “typical character” for success in the modern business and hierarchically flexible environment.
He also created a very simple method so that YOU can become a successful ProNoble© or a successful ProNoblette© NOW.

Wanting to share this knowledge, he wrote Going to WARk©, the truth-filled but honest and effective guide to success.


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